zondag 2 oktober 2011

Vogue Haute Couture Fashion Shoot

Yesterday it was the JPG Show. I must say it was a lovely show with a lot of wearable outfits. Grace C. saw a lot of outfits for in the magazine. I think she has a wonderful fashion story in her mind. Yesterday I told you that Coco R. opened and closed the show but at the last moment she became ill. JP became hysterical. His muse and favorite model wasn't ready to walk his show. So I'm told him to use Karlie K. to open his show. Because she is much skinnier. Speaking about skinny, wich were the legs of Bette F. Shortly I'll go and call her. There are no shows today so there was a shoot planned. Not just a shoot, but a Haute Couture shoot. Styled by Grace and photographed by Steven. Raquel Z. will be the model. I'm curious about the result. They are sent to the office next week, but you normal people have to wait to December!
See you soon
Anna W.

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